General Questions

Why do I need to create an account?

It seems like you need to create an account for everything these days, and there's good reason for that. Accounts helps us keep the directory from fraud and being misused since agreeing to the terms and conditions means being a good person and refraining from negativity, bullying, or any type of conduct that is considered disrespectful.

How does a directory of woman-owned businesses help achieve gender equality and tackle the gender pay gap?

Women-Conscious Consumerism is an underutilized game-changer. When we, as consumers, spend our hard-earned money with women-owned businesses, we allow them to pay themselves their full worth, – same for their employees! We help them grow, reinvest in their product or service, and invest in their community.

Is this just for women?

Nope! If you believe in equality on every level, you'll want to be here. And, we want you here too.

Women-Owned Businesses

How much does it cost to register my woman-owned business?

There are two options: Basic is free and displays core information about your business (Name, website, phone, city, state, and one tag for your business).

A Premium listing will get returned first in search results, lets you upload a photo to really stand out from the other listings, has an entire business detail page that’s all keyword searchable to help consumers find you easily when searching for your product or service. You can also select inclusive diversity filters and highlight certifications that you have for your business. Choose from $25, $50, $75 or $100/year for your Premium listing. There is no difference in service, you pay what you can afford at this stage in your business.

Basic vs Premium Listings

What does a Premium listing look like?

Glad you asked! To get an idea of what Premium listings will look like in the search results, check out the visual below. Premium listings appear first in the search results and give you the ability to customize your information for consumers. You’ll have the ability to include keywords so that consumers can find your products or servicesquickly and easily through search. You’ll also be able to include a photo and full page description. We are committed to making this an affordable and lucrative marketing channel for your business. Sign up today!

MAIA Premium Listing Example

What's your definition of "woman-owned business"?

We define a woman-owned business as a female or non-binary individual owning 50% or more of the business. We are focused on gender equality at the highest levels of leadership so that women's perspectives are present in the product, the service and/or the solutions, to us that means a minimum of 50%. Balance among all things is critical.

Will I be notified before my Premium membership renews?

Yes, you will receive an email seven days before your annual membership renewal. You can always cancel.

I'm a woman business owner, but I'm also a consumer. Do I have to register as both?

No. If you have a woman-owned business, get registered on the directory today. From there you can also use the directory as a consumer. We feel that it's important to only ask your customers to do something you are willing to do yourself. Be the change you want to see and make the directory your go-to resource for finding and supporting other women-owned businesses across the United States.

How can I partner or advertise with MAIA?

Send us an email! We'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can work together.