General Questions

What is MAIA? is an online directory that connects consumers with women-owned businesses. As women, we influence or control trillions of dollars spent in the U.S. annually, and with that influence we have the incredible opportunity to use our money to affect change. Through our list of woman-owned businesses, MAIA gives you access to thousands of woman-owned business across the country, so you'll be able to do exactly that. Let's use our money to do some good.

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What is the MAIA mission?

MAIA's mission is simple: Women need to be involved equally at the highest levels of leadership where we ideate, create, and make decisions. Until that happens, we will not have products, services, and solutions that truly represent all of us. This is our mission, and through our directory we will empower and give light to companies where women are involved equally. Companies whos products, services and solutions truly represent all of us.

Why do I need to create an account?

It seems like you need to create an account for everything these days, and there's good reason for that. Accounts helps us keep the directory from being misused since agreeing to the terms and conditions means being a good person and refraining from negativity, bullying, or any type of conduct that is considered disrespectful.

Why aren't you a non-profit?

If all of the benevolent women are told to start non-profits and to go sit at the non-profit table, who does that leave at the for-profit tables? We're working towards creating gender balance in the for-profit space.

How does a directory of woman-owned businesses help achieve gender equality and tackle the gender pay gap?

Women-Conscious Consumerism is an underutilized game-changer. When we, as consumers, spend our hard-earned money with women-owned businesses, we allow them to pay themselves their full worth–same for their employees! We help them grow, reinvest in their product or service, and invest in their community. We're also supporting businesses that have women involved at the highest levels of leadership, leading to a greater balance of gender equality.

Is this just for woman?

Nope! If you believe in equality on every level, you'll want to be here. And, we want you here too.

Where did the idea behind MAIA.Community come from?

The idea behind MAIA came as a solution to Kateri's personal challenge of spending 83% of their money on woman-owned businesses, but ultimately failing. Watch our extended video for the full story. Grab a beverage and a comfy chair because it's 8 minutes long.

What does MAIA stand for?

MAIA is an acronym. It's the first initial of each of Kateri's four daughters.

What is a Retailer vs Wholesaler?

Retailers usually sell directly to consumers. Wholesalers usually buy in bulk and sell to retailers to sell to consumers (Distributors usually sell non-competing brands).

What is a Manufacturer?

They actually make the product, sometimes they sell directly to a Consumer, more often they sell through a wholesaler, a retailer or a distributor.

Woman-Owned Businesses

How much does it cost to register my woman-owned business?

There are two options: Basic, which is free or Premium for $25, $50, $75 or $100/year.

Premium listings are get returned first in search results, along with the ability to add a photo, add searchable keywords, update company information and add a description to help consumers learn more about the service or products that you offer. We're excited to add more features including the ability to select intersectionality filters, certifications, expanded windows to display your company information, and so much more! Your feedback on what you'd like the directory to do for you helps us create solutions that best highlight your business. So, don't be shy in asking for what you want!

What does a Premium listing look like?

Glad you asked! To get an idea of what Premium listings will look like in search results, check out the visual. Premium listings will appear first in search results and give you the ability to customize your information for consumers. You’ll have the ability to include keywords so that consumers can find your products or service quickly and easily through search. You’ll also be able to include a photo, description, intersectionality filters and so much more! This is only the beginning on what you’ll be able to include in your business details. We are committed to making this an affordable and lucrative marketing channel for your business. Sign up today!

Premium Women-Owned Business Listing

Why don't I see my business listed?

With the growing number of woman-owned businesses, we are doing our best to stay on top of the data and want to get your business added as quickly as possible. Send us an email to and we'll get you listed. We're excited to have you be a part of MAIA!

I see a business listing that shows incorrect information.

Thanks for catching that! We'll want to get that updated asap. If you're the business owner, claim this listing to update the information. If you're a consumer, please send us an email and we'll do what we can to get the information updated.

How come there are millions of woman-owned businesses in the United States but your directory doesn't list all of them?

We are doing something that has not been curated at this level. We believe so strongly about giving love and light to all women-owned businesses, and we're building the infrastructure for it, but we don't have all of the businesses just yet! We're working hard to spread the word about MAIA so that we can list every single woman-owned business in the U.S.

How did you gather your data?

Our current data was gathered through a combination of outreach, public information and community-sourced information. The directory needs visitors like you to help spread the word and share the directory with others. We check to confirm accuracy to the best of our ability, and rely on our community to help us identify businesses who are currently listed but don't meet our 50% woman-owned minimum. Please contact us if you notice something inaccurate.

What's your definition of "woman-owned business"?

We define a woman-owned business as a female or non-binary individual owning 50% or more of the business. We are focused on gender equality at the highest levels of leadership so that women's perspectives are present in the product, the service and/or the solutions, to us that means a minimum of 50%. Balance among all things is critical.

What are the requirements to list my business on the directory?

We will ask for proof of ownership in order to verify that you are in fact the owner of the business that you are either requesting to claim or that you are requesting to add.

What types of proof of ownership will you request?

There are two documents that we'll request. 1.) A business utility or phone bill, business license, business tax file, certificate of formation, or articles of incorporation. 2.) A copy of your current U.S. Passport or Driver's License. We'll only use these documents to verify your business and will never share or post it publicly.

Will I be notified before my Premium membership renews?

Yes, you will receive an email seven days before your annual membership renewal.

What about all of the organizations and associations that currently exist for women in business?

Great question. There are many groups doing great work – if you find value in those, please stick with them! They can provide so many tangible and intangible benefits: training, mentoring, networking, resource-sharing, fellowship, and strategic planning to name just a few. We work to collaborate with these organizations and associations knowing that we are stronger together.

What about the Woman-Owned Logo?

Glad you asked! Pay attention to those companies and look for that logo. The nonprofits that vet these woman-owned businesses provide the vetting to ensure the companies are 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a woman or women. WBENC states there are over 14,000 vetted woman-owned businesses, and WBENC sells that directory to corporations, the government, and nonprofits. MAIA puts these vetted woman-owned businesses, plus the other 11+ million more woman-owned businesses who have not done a certification, into the hands of consumers where we can vote with our money and align our purchasing power with our values. The majority of woman-owned companies do not employ people, so this gives visibility to ALL woman-owned businesses, no matter how small.

If you sell B-to-B or if you sell a product or service B-to-C through a B-to-B sales channel, it may make a lot of sense for your business to get your woman-owned certification, because corporate America is buying that list, and that is how they will find you.

If you are truly B-to-C, it may or may not make sense to get your Woman-Owned certification. But don't worry, that's were MAIA is your sales channel–our community of conscious consumers want to spend their money on companies that align with their values.

I'm a woman business owner, but I'm also a consumer. Do I have to register as both?

No. If you have a woman-owned business, get registered on the directory today. From there you can also use the directory as a consumer. We feel that it's important to only ask your customers to do something you are willing to do yourself. Be the change you want to see and make the directory your go-to resource for finding and supporting other woman-owned businesses across the United States.

Do I belong in the MAIA Community?

If words and phrases like girlboss, female entrepreneur, women empowerment, bosslady, support small business, and the future is female resonate with you, you're in the right place.

How can I partner or advertise with MAIA?

Send us an email! We'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can work together.