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$20 = 39.6 billion

If each U.S. female spent a mere $20 per month for a year with a woman-owned biz, the result would be a whopping $39.6 billion in revenue.*

*Psst...That’s $36.7 billion more than all VC funding for women in 2018.

Support Woman Business Owners that share your values and take a step towards change.

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MAIA.community and WE Rule have teamed up to feature 21 women-owned businesses for the 2018 Holiday Season

Women Entrepreneurs Inc

Women Entrepreneurs of Charleston connects women entrepreneurs to one another and hosts monthly events that teach the skills most critical to running a successful business.

Businesses Advancing National Paid Leave

MAIA endorses the need for a strong, sustainable and inclusive baseline paid family and medical leave policy at the national level.

Minnesota Women in Networking

WIN is founded on the concept of women lifting each other up for success through meaningful business connections and professional development opportunities.

Island of Discarded Women Podcast

MAIA is a proud sponsor of the Island of Discarded Women podcast that tackles the real world issues women face today through satirical radio theater, original songs and moving personal stories.

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