As women, we influence or control trillions of dollars spent in the U.S. annually and with that influence we have the incredible opportunity to use our money to affect change. Through our online directory, MAIA gives you access to millions of woman-owned business across the country, so you'll be able to do exactly that. Help be the MAIA change for women's equality.

The Power of our Dollar

If every female in the U.S. bought her tampons from women-owned companies Lola or L. for 1 year, the females of the US would spend $2.7 billion more with women-owned companies than all Venture Capital funding did with women-owned companies in 2017. Our money matters, let's use it to do some good. Psst: L. is sold at Target and it's the same price as the leading name brand. Oh, and both companies will ship right to your door.


Founder and CEO of MAIA

MAIA was born when Kateri came to the realization that 83% of her household was female, yet she wasn't showing her four daughters a world where women had equal representation. From this realization her and her husband, Jason, created their personal challenge–83% of the things they purchased or consumed would be owned and operated by women. Failure was the result of this challenge. Not one to be easily deterred, Kateri decided to create a woman-owned business directory that gave consumers free access and woman-owned businesses visibility. Along the way she partnered with Angel Rowell and together they co-own MAIA.

Kateri believes in women's equality, more importantly she will embolden women's equity, and she will not cease until all data sets can prove it. She loves listening and connecting people and ideas that just make sense. She cares deeply for children, good food, good health, good families, strong communities and Mother Earth. She sees unlimited opportunities and dislikes all forms of waste. Her goal is to embrace self care, she knows she sucks at it.


Co-owner and COO of MAIA

Angel is an unshakeable optimist. She is passionate about shattering the glass ceiling, cultivating genuine relationships, and inspiring others to challenge themselves every single day. Despite being a self-proclaimed health nut, Angel never passes up an opportunity to indulge in donuts or gelato. She has insatiable wanderlust and hopes to eventually grow roots in Colorado. She comes with a background in management and marketing, and went to school for photography–her one true love…besides her husband.