MAIA's Mission

We are a community taking collective ACTION to drive a more female-centric economy and ecosystem. We are business professionals, moms, investors, consumers, owners, educators and thought leaders coming together to contribute our money, our talents, and our networks, to take collective action to protect an economy that incubates and builds what we envision as this next version of what business could look like for women.

Take the MAIA Pledge to spend money more directly with women. Whether you're buying for your business or your home, buy from women-owned businesses.


Women remain an underrepresented force. While women makeup 50.8% of the population and 47% of the workforce, only 5% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women. Collectively, we at MAIA will spend our money with women, something the government and corporate America have yet to prove.

By directing our collective purchasing power, the revenue generated by women-owned businesses will impact our products and services, investments, funding, economic development, gender pay inequities and bring more women into influential leadership roles equally.

The Power of our Dollar

If each female in the U.S. spent $20 a month at a woman-owned business for 1 year, females would drive $37.7 billion more to women-owned companies than all Venture Capital funding did in 2017. Our money matters, spend it with women.

We Envision a World...

Where women have equal representation at the highest levels of leadership in business and policy.

Where women are creating, ideating and making the decisions equally so women's perspectives are present in our products, services and solutions.

Where women are paid equally.

Where a woman can sit on a board or in the CEO seat and her value is credited to her head, her heart, and what she does with her helping hands. Her aesthetic representation is for her and her alone.

That is abundant, and women do not have to come from a place of scarcity and competition.

Where women can create businesses from their own perspective and imagery and not have to turn it into an androcentric representation of that business in order to be deemed credible, fundable, bankable or scalable.

Where women have financial independence and make their own choices, no strings attached.

Where men embrace domestic parity so the women in their lives can take the same risks for opportunities that men have been afforded for centuries.

Where people who have had privilege and access go out of their way to support those who haven't.

With a female-centric economy, where women can redesign what work could look like so it actually works for women.

Where all people embrace the amount of good they could do by just buying from businesses they actually want to support.

That openly recognizes gender norms and gender bias. We also realize those don't apply to all, and can actually be harmful to many. We envision a world where we embrace gender balance so we can achieve greater balance in the world.

Where our value is determined by what is in our heads, what is in our hearts, what we choose to do with our voices, and how we choose to serve others with our helping hands.

With a community of women who want to take collective ACTION to create a more female-centric economy and who want to steer what this next version of what business could look like. A rising tide for women lifts all boats, and in the MAIA community our captains are women.

What Does MAIA Do?

We move our community to understand the impact of their purchasing power and to spend money more directly with other women.

We allow buyers to find suppliers, consumers to discover products and services they want to buy, business owners to find others in their space, organizations to find collaborators, sponsors, speakers — you name it, we connect it, to a woman-owned business in the U.S.

We partner and collaborate with educators, leadership and professional development organizations, and thought leaders to empower women to take their leadership roles to challenge the status quo and redesign it to work for women.

We partner with promoters who are giving equity to women’s stories, who are shifting the narrative to how women want to connect in business, and how they are building community and with more purpose.

We help connect women-owned businesses with funding providers.

Why Does Spending Money With Women-Owned Businesses Matter?

When we spend our money on women-owned businesses, we allow them to survive in a highly competitive landscape where almost all data sets are against them. Did you know? There are 12.3M women-owned businesses in the US – 40% of all firms – yet women-owned businesses only account for 4.3% of the total firms revenue.

When we spend our money on women-owned businesses, we allow them to pay themselves. Did you know? 10.7M – 88% of women-owned firms – do less than $100K in revenue.

When we spend our money on women-owned businesses, we allow them to hire employees. Did you know? Women-owned firms with revenues of greater than $1M account for 1.7% of total women-owned firms, yet employ 6.2M workers. While total firms employment decreased 0.8% over the past 11 years, $1M women-owned firms employment jumped 30%. They are economic powerhouses.

When we spend our money on women-owned businesses, we give them some runway because they do not get equal funding. Did you know? "Last year the average funded business loan for women-owned firms was $57,097, down from more than $99,000 in 2016. In comparison, the average size of a business loan for male entrepreneurs was stable, at $103,604." (Source: 2017 Biz2Credit's annual State of Women-Owned Small Business Finance Study)

When we spend our money on women-owned businesses, we allow them to re-envision how they do business. Did you know? When we forge a female-centric economy and ecosystem, women re-envision how to do business in a way that actually works for women, whether we own the firms or work for them.

When we spend our money on women-owned businesses, we allow them to create women-centric supply chains. Did you know? If each women-owned firm, committed to spend $5K per year with women-owned suppliers, women-owned firms would drive $61.5B to women-owned suppliers. That’s half of the total revenue currently coming from all women-owned firms. Small changes drive colossal results.

Trends and Statistics sourced by: The 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report Commissioned by America Express


Founder and CEO of MAIA

Put your money where your mouth is. That's how MAIA started. With 83% of Kateri's household being female, she and her husband, Jason, were determined to prove whether they were showing their four daughters a world where women had equal representation. They decided that 83% of the things they watched, read, or purchased would be created, designed or owned by women so what they brought into their home would be reflective of the people in their home. Spoiler alert: Due to exclusive lists and the lack of publicly available resources, they tried and they failed. Undeterred, Kateri created the very resource that she was missing–a woman-owned business directory that gave consumers free access, woman-owned businesses visibility, and coined Women-Conscious Consumerism. Along the way she partnered with Angel Rowell and together they co-own and co-inspire MAIA.

Kateri believes in women's equality, more importantly she will embolden women's equity, and she will not cease until all data sets can prove it.


Co-owner and COO of MAIA

Angel is an unshakeable optimist. She is passionate about shattering the glass ceiling, cultivating genuine relationships, and inspiring others to challenge themselves every single day. Despite being a self-proclaimed health nut, Angel never passes up an opportunity to indulge in donuts or gelato. She has insatiable wanderlust and hopes to eventually grow roots in Colorado. She comes with a background in management and marketing, and went to school for photography–her one true love…besides her husband.